Artist Statement

I am bold, daring and fearless. I make no effort to stand out from the crowd, this sort of thing comes naturally to me. I am the pattern on a plain canvas from which excitement springs. I am guilty of being different and make no effort to change. 

 I want to explore the depths of my imagination.


Twenty-nine year-old artist Cameron Cloud is based in Austin, Texas, where he enjoys exploring, coffee shops and skateboarding with his peers. Cameron was always an artist, but after moving to Austin in early 2011, he realized his potential and made photography and digital art his number one focus.

Today, he works with Mindzai Creative, is completing his first photography book, and can be found bringing ideas to life all over the country.


If you are interested in collaborating,

 you can contact me here.

Lets Create Something.




All images belong to Cameron Paris Cloud © 2018