Euphoria! There were so many amazing artists, bands, people, and DJ’s out last weekend.  Everyone was dancing or moving with the music, it was just magical. You could feel the energy and great vibes coursing all around. What a great job by production team, everything was on point!  Tons of lazors, projection mapping, and huge LED panel screens. Tycho also put on a beautiful performance mixed with animation and stellar lighting from the Euphoria guys, it was unbelievable.

 Chance Roberts, who organized the art gallery, asked me to bring some of my art out, so I brought 3 pieces with me: Synergy, Between Space And Time, and Sagittarius 6. Tons of festival goers were intrigued by my work and it was nice to talk and explain my process and hear what others were thinking about it. I'd like to thank Heather for purchasing my Synergy piece and giving it a loving home. Just another BIG thank you Chance Roberts and everyone else who helped out at the gallery. It really means a lot that you guys were there to answer questions for the artists, including myself. Thank You Euphoria! It was magical. I'm ready for next year already!