UtopiaFest 2016

What an amazing experience at Utopiafest! It was my first time and it couldn't have been any better! My only regret is not taking more photos, but I was enjoying my time there a bit too much :) Here is what I did capture though. I do think I witnessed something special during The Deer's performance. What incredible energy that was being shared between the band and the audience. It was quite a special moment we shared and I hope I caught a slight glimpse of what it was like. 

First Blog Post! Element's Best Foot Forward Contest

Hurray! My first blog post. This is for everyone who really wants to follow my crazy journey down life through all the events, all the amazing people I meet, the lucky experiences I get to encounter, to all the thoughts that go through my head that maybe someone would like to know more about. Plus this is a good way for me to keep track of it all myself. So with that being said, it leads me to a most amazing day. Element's Best Foot Forward Contest held in Austin Tx.  The park was insane! Kids all ages were everywhere. It was a obstacle course in itself trying to skate the park when the contest was not going on. But once the contest got started, bangers went down. One after another, right from the start. 95% of the tricks were first try. No time to miss a beat. I could tell everyone went all out.  Drake ended up being the victor, winning an all expense paid trip to Cali to compete again for a sponsorship with Element. Good luck dude, wish you the best!